Board of Directors

Our Mission: To inspire a global conservation ethic, by connecting people to nature through outdoor education.

Apply now in advance of our September 22, 2020 board meeting.

Nessa Rothstein, President
Kartik Kanakasabesan: MBA, Vice President
Ellen Blanchard, Esq., Past President
Jamie Jamerson, Secretary
Diana Wadley, Treasurer
Adam Arabian, Ph.D., P.E., Vision Committee Chair (future: membership committee)
Ken Fellows, M.S., Transition Committee Chair (future: wolf camp liaison committee)
Rikki McGee, Ph.D., Fundraising Committee Chair (current focus: capital campaign and fun-runs)
New Position Open: Vision Committee Member (future: membership committee)
New Position Open: Transition Committee Member (future: wolf camp liaison committee)
Three New Positions Open: Fundraising Committee Member (current focus: capital campaign and fun-runs)

We’re seeking 5 more board members to help guide the new Conservation College. Gain useful skills while sharing your talents!  To be eligible, you must regularly live or work within the State of Washington, but citizenship is not required. Time commitment is estimated to be 8 hours per month including board meetings, committee meetings, trainings and event preparation. Onsite childcare will be made available with Wolf Camp staff.

If you would like to apply for an open position on the board, please email the following information to us in advance of our next board meeting:

  1. Name as you would like it to appear if added to our webpage:
  2. What is your connection to Wolf Camp’s mission of sharing earth skills education? (Why are you interested in serving on the board? Why are you passionate about Wolf Camp?)
  3. What skills and previous experience do you have that is relevant to participating on a non-profit board? This might include environmental education, legal work, community building, administrative experience, other board experiences, non-profit work, government or business experience, conflict resolution or facilitation training, relevant networks or community connections you bring to the board, etc.
  4. Is it important to you that outdoor education be accessible to people of all financial and cultural statuses? Do you have ideas on how Wolf Camp can become more accessible to wider groups of people? Do you consider yourself a person of color, multinational, immigrant, indigenous, tribal, veteran, differently-abled, targeted religious minority, low income issues, rural life, inner-city resident, active senior, young adult or other member of a group often underrepresented on boards?
  5. If you have a LinkedIn or Facebook page you would like to share with us to know more about you, please paste the URL here:
  6. Photo & Short Biography including any degrees/certifications/trainings you would like considered or noted on future board website page:
  7. Do you have any additional information you would like us to know about you, or questions or concerns we can address?

Board duties will include responsibility and care for the organization and the students it serves. The board of directors is tasked with refining the vision for the organization, providing guidance and oversight to ensure its continued success, hiring and supporting the Executive Director, promoting inclusion, establishing policies to guide, outreach and exercising influence to leverage partnership and resource, and ensuring the procurement and effective management of resources. Terms for the Conservation College Board of Directors will begin in October. The initial board size is started with 4 members serving 2 year terms, and 4 members serving 1 year terms who were reelected/replaced at the end of 2018. Board Members may include people with experience as community organizers, environmentalists, attorneys, accountants, administrators, fundraisers, educators, craftsmen, herbalists, bridge-builders, networkers, strategic thinkers and planners, farmers and sportsmen, small business people, scientists and conservationists, wolf lovers and more.

Upcoming Board Meetings & Events

September 22nd
October 19-20 Wolf Gathering & Conservation College Annual Meeting
November 17th

Email us if you would like to observe a meeting to consider board membership or other volunteer role.