Welcome to the Conservation College

After more than 20 years of running Wolf Camp and the Conservation College as a sole proprietorship, founder Chris Chisholm and co-owner Kim McKillip Chisholm have started the transition of the organization into a non-profit. Last year, Chris and Kim released the “Conservation College” name to a group of Wolf Camp parents who filed Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit organization, elected board members, and started to build a new future for Wolf Camp.

The initial goal of the Conservation College is to take over the reigns of Wolf Camp, and then expand the organization into an accredited technical school offering degree programs to all ages of student throughout the year. Similar to transitions made by founders of other summer camps over the past century, the hope is for this unique earth skills educational enterprise to last in perpetuity.

The Conservation College is now looking for additional board members who want to take its mission into the future.