Vision & Timeline

Mission: To inspire a global conservation ethic, by connecting people to nature through outdoor education.

2018: Elected initial board members, and have the executive committee file a business license in Issaquah, non-profit articles of incorporation with the WA Secretary of State and Charities Division. Campfire fundraisers occurred June 30 in Puyallup, July 25 at Lake Sammamish, August 25 at Lake Sammamish.

2019: Fill committee board seats, and draft by-laws consistent with those needed to file as a 501(c)3 federally tax-exempt non-profit organization. Begin alumni membership outreach. Fundraisers will include a July 4th Campfire Concert, and Oct 19 Fun-Run with the Salmon along the Puyallup River.  Draft of 2020 Budget and make recommendations to Chris & Kim regarding the 2020 schedule, expenditures, staffing, etc. with an eye toward a smooth transition.

2020: Draft a sale agreement with Chris & Kim for purchase, pension, or work/merit-based compensation of Wolf Camp. Do fundraising and outreach for hiring a prospective Executive Director to help Wolf Camp operate in season. Develop an expanded Conservation College vision including academic year degree programs. Additional fundraisers may include July 4th Run with the Water along Lake Sammamish, February 14th Run with the Swans along the Skagit River, and Springtime Run with the Wolves along the Teanaway River.