Wolf Gathering & Annual Meeting

Nov 12, 2023 – Wolf Gathering & Conservation College Annual Membership Meeting

The Wolf Gathering is an annual reunion of Wolf Camp alumni who come together and support members of the Conservation College. It’s also open to other nature lovers and survival enthusiasts who want to help the Conservation College fulfill its mission. Birders and naturalists, herbalists and ethnobotanists, wildlife trackers and nature photographers, subsistence hunters and fishers, traditional craftmakers and artisans, organic farmers and sustainable builders, political conservationists and environmental educators, and those who love wolves are all welcome.

The schedule for our last annual meeting included:

Saturday, The Wolf Gathering

5 PM – Set up tents for those camping overnight.
6 PM – Pot-Luck Campfire Dinner
7 PM – Campfire Stories from 22 Years of Wolf Camp
8 PM – Campfire Songs from 222 Years of Americana Music

Sunday, Conservation College Annual Meeting

10 AM – Pot-Luck Brunch
11 AM – Conservation College 1st Annual Membership Meeting
1 PM – Lunch & Committee Break-Out Sessions
2 PM – Conservation College Board Member Retreat
4 PM – Camp Clean-Up & Check-Out

We are hoping to invite the inspirational Gene Tagaban as a future keynote speaker:

Gene Tagaban performing llve with Dana Lyons, our 2018 keynote speaker and performer.